Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cell Gathering Dinner

.260708. Goshen Cell Gathering Dinner @ 6-10 Grill & Nasi Lemak, Section 17 PJ

Just came home from a short 'yumcha' session with Tim, Joanne, SunSun and SukYee. Happy birthday again to Sun! LOL...

Anyway, had a really enjoyable dinner at 6-10 Grill & Nasi Lemak with my cell members continued with a super funny Mafia session at SaiKit's house! I guess now we know who is the pro deceiver though!! Dinner was supposed to be in My Elephant (Thai food) again but due to some miscommunication with the reservation made with the staffs there, we weren't able to have our dinner and that was why we ended up at 6-10. Bad first time impression of them to my cell members though, but nontheless we had a fair time of jokes and chats during the dinner.

Red Wine Grill Lamb and Nasi Lemak stole the lime light though but my Garlic Butter Grill Salmon was also simply fantastic!! 6-10 has a quite a good long history with their ever well known Nasi Lemak and Western food. After dinner, 13 of us crashed into our cell leader's house to play the MAFIA game and we had a great time there.

*good place for nasi lemak and western food*

*yummy grill salmon!!! damn hungry lo...*

Anyone going for Chelsea Official Training session in Shah Alam Stadium on Monday evening??? *see you there*

Short-Note: KL PC Fair is happenig next week from 1-3 August!! See you there too!! LOL.. Passion World Tour is also happening on Sunday at Sunway Convention Centre!! =D


Alice Teh said...

Yikes, I way passed the eligible age for the Passion World Tour... See, aunty chor...