Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mayz Birthday Dinner

.280708. Mayz Birthday Dinner @ Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens

Short-Note: Chelsea Official Training tomorrow @ Shah Alam Stadium, 6.30pm. See you there!

Happy birthday to Mayz again! LOL... Just last week, 21st of July, I was with Chingy in The Gardens queing up for SATC movie screening passes. (but then tak dapat la) haha.. Then we went to Sushi Zanmai to have a simple dinner with ShinLu, Corinna and Mayz (birthday girl). It was my first time in that restaurant though and the food there is quite nice. Nontheless I'm still a strong supporter of Sushi King though! hehe..

*happy birthday mayszin!*

*ordered this yummy bowl of beef rice*

Didn't get to snap alot of photos though coz didnt bring my camera. All photos was taken using Mayz' Canon Ixus. hehe... Kena marah somemore for starving those girls with my slow motion photo taking. Haha.. In the end, all not nice. LOL.... Anyway, we had a great time there with some girls chat. Being the only guy there I was kinda like.. okay... whatever... haha.. But we have been friends for about 10 years by now! *cheerz* to that! =D


Mayz said...

thank u for the post wor! can 'grace ur blog's wall'!

Hehe, dun la be upset about the photos and us 'sounding' u! We were juz VERY HUNGRY and HUNGRY LADIES can be very scary. hehe...

aiya... i shud have gone for the Chelsea thing! JUZ for the nice pass and landyard! LMAO! JKJK!

Alice Teh said...

Ahahaaa! I always kena marah for the same reason. I take photos while all the hungry faces were staring at me in disbelief. LOL