Thursday, July 10, 2008

KL Tower vs KLCC

.100708. Photoshoot @ KL Tower

Was given a huge responsibility today when I was told that I would be involve in this upcoming International Air Cargo Conference and Exhibition Fair in KLCC this November. Owh oooo...... International Airlines from all over the world is coming leh and I'm going to deal with them.. Hehe..

Anywayz, there is an on going Beauty Expo starting tomorrow in KLCC and next Thursday, I'll be handling the Malaysia International Jewellery Fair in KLCC as well!! So, anyone looking for anything for their partner can come look for me also k?? LOL...

Last 2 weeks, I went for a photoshoot outing with my cell member MooiLi whom her husband just bought her a new DSLR... hehe... Will upload more photos soon.

Only one for now....

*night shot of KL Tower vs KLCC*

Nitez ppl... have a blessed weekend ahead!! It's Friday tomorrow!! Yeay!! *cheerz* for working people!!