Saturday, July 12, 2008

KLCC From The Top

.120708. Photoshoot @ KL Tower

Was a little tired last night so tak update blog. LOL... Here's a few photos I took when I was in KL Tower few weeks back.

Enjoy your weekends people...

*View from the top!!*

*yes!! I took this inside KL Tower... LOL*

*this one also taken from KL Tower haha..*

More photos soon. Will be going to My Elephant Thai Restaurant with my family tomorrow!! Weee.... Kena Thai addiction d thanks to Rachel!!


Alice Teh said...

Interesting shots you have there, Andrew. Happy Sunday! :)

Harry said...

i like the one how's your road like? :)

andrew said...

[alice] thanks !! lol.. happy week ahead!! haha [harry] hey!! you like dat eh??? me too.. =p